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How to Increase PC Speed

Whether you are using Windows 7 or Windows 10, Nothing slows business down more than a sluggish computer. Of course, Apple fans will be pleased to note that there are not many tools for them here because. .well, their machines are often invincible. let us learn about How to Increase PC Speed, whatever versions of OS you are using how to speed up windows 10? or how to speed up windows 7. The process is the same.

I use many of these ideas to speed up my pc keep my machines running lean and mean in the fast lane. If your PC is wasting what little precious time you have, these tips and websites will help you to make it faster.

Frustrated at your computer for taking things too slow? Here are some tips that will help you improve your PC’s speed and enjoy a seamless experience.

How to Increase PC Speed

Run Microsoft Fix It

The most common reason for your computer slowing down is because its registry is overloaded. That happens when you keep using your PC without installing or running any cleanup software. Fortunately, this issue is very easy to fix. Install and run Microsoft Fix It on your computer. It’s free to install. After installation, run the app to check to remove all unused and junk folders and files on your computer.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Issues

If you have a Windows 10, one reason your computer is suddenly mimicking the speed of a snail could be because of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Issues. The Compatibility Telemetry feature in Windows 10 stores and manages all your technical files and information. This includes all data, system diagnostics, system files, and other such information.

You can fix the issue by starting with your compattelrunner.exe Windows file.

Remove Application to Run on Startup

If your computer is taking a long time to startup, it’s very likely because it’s programmed to open up too many software during startup. Often when we install new software, the default settings allow it to open during startup. This means that until all these programs open up during startup, you won’t be able to use your PC efficiently. This is real speed booster for pc.

You can easily fix this issue. Open Windows. Click ‘run’. Type ‘msconfig’ when the run window pops up. When the system configuration window opens, click on the ‘Startup’ tab. Open Task Manager. Disable the applications that you don’t want to open at startup.

Delete Programs You Don’t Use

There are so many times when I installed a new application for a specific project, or to just try it out but didn’t use after that. Often times, it remains on my computer until I realize my PC has been slowing down. Then it’s time to delete all those extra programs. You should do that too. Ideally every month.

Click on Start. Go to Control Panel. Click on Uninstall a program under the Program section. Click on the program you wish to uninstall and press uninstall. You might have to restart your computer after the uninstall for this to work properly.

Be careful when doing this. You don’t want to delete crucial Windows programs and applications. Ask for help from a tech friend if you aren’t comfortable with this.

Scan and Remove Spyware, Malware, and Viruses

If you feel your PC speed has slowed down after downloading a new program or application, it is possible that the program brought a virus or a malware with itself. Some indications that your computer has been infected by a virus or malware are:

  • Unexpected popup messages
  • Programs starting on their own
  • The inbuilt PC anti-virus program is indicating the same.

This issue can also be easily corrected by installing and running an anti-virus program. Most good anti-virus programs allow you to check for anti-virus for free. Install an app, check if there’s a problem. You might want to hire a PC technician to help you with this.

Turn off visual effects

Turning off visual effects is also a quick solution to improving your PC’s speed. Keep in mind that when you turn off visual effects, your Windows might not look very appealing, but it will get the job done.

There are around 20 visual effects running on your Windows. To turn them off, click on the Start Button. Go to Control Panel. Type in Performance Information Tools. Open Performance Information Tools. Click on Adjust visual effects. You might have to give your admin password at this point. Click on the Visual Effect tab. Then click on Adjust for best performance. Click Ok.

If you want better performance and don’t mind losing visual effects such as mouse shadows, click on “computer,” and then “system properties,” and then “advanced system settings.” You will find a performance settings button that allows you to select “adjust for best performance.”

You can also reduce your screen resolution, which can speed things slightly and improve battery life when running on it.

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Add More RAM

Have you have already tried the above methods without luck? It could be because your PC is in need of more memory. If you are a heavy user or need to use programs that take up a big part of your computer’s memory, then we strongly suggest adding more RAM to your computer.

For a quick solution, you can download and run Windows ReadyBoost. This program allows you to add your attached USB’s storage space as your PC’s storage.

Later, you can take your PC to a licensed technician to add more RAM to it. While a 1 GB increased RAM will get your PC to speed up, we recommend you add at least 3GB of RAM to enjoy an improved speed and performance for a longer period of time.

Some other things you can do to improve your PC’s speed is:

  • Restart computer frequently
  • Run fewer programs
  • Delete programs you do not use
  • Clean up the hard disk.
  • Clean up your internet browser

Consider Switching From Internet Explorer to Chrome

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) as your Web browser, it is time to upgrade. Make the Google Chrome download the last thing you do on it.

Chrome is faster and has fewer bugs than IE 11. (Sorry, IE users.)

Upgrade To An SSD Drive

Finally, you can upgrade to an SSD drive. This will make your computer run faster, but they are more expensive and have overall less storage capacity. I wish there were easy ways to convert standard laptop drives to SSD, but I haven’t found any that are affordable.

Do not let a slow machine stop your productivity. Use How to Increase PC Speed tips on how to increase computer speed to keep your desktop and laptop machines running smoothly.


Windows Update is traditionally a disaster. One thing that happens during Update is that all of the computer’s RAM gets filled up, and the computer slows to a crawl or seems to freeze. Given enough time, the computer will unfreeze, although it can sometimes take a day or two. Yes, a lot of complaints on a lot of tech websites about How to Increase PC Speed. You can help by allowing updates frequently so there won’t be too many things updating at once. Also, installing the maximum amount of RAM in your computer will reduce the freeze-ups and the amount of time it takes for the computer to unfreeze.


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